Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message
Commemorating the proud milestone of its 35th anniversary, FPT Corporation targets to bring joy to people's lives with a 2023 - 2025 corporate strategy titled DC5 - 135.
With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering, 2022 marked as a gloomy and uncertain year for the world economy. During the 2020 to 2022 period, the world economic growth rate was between 1.6% and 1.8%, half of the prior term's average.
FPT 2022 – A ray of sunshine in a gloomy winter
The launch of FPT's microchips represented our endeavors to materialize the semiconductor dream of many generations of Vietnamese.
Pursuing excellence using data and innovative startups
FPT has completed all its pledged targets for the fiscal year 2022.
2023 – The year of materializing
the mission of elevating happiness
DC5 opens an infinite future of possibility for FPT, bringing benefits to each one and success to every organization associated with its aims.