Action plans and orientations for 2023
2023 Total Revenue
52,289 billion VND
Profit before tax 2023
9,055 billion VND
Investment ensures long-term growth
5,800 billion VND
2023 Total Revenue
35,150 billion VND
Profit before tax 2023
4,166 billion VND
Global IT services
Promoting digital transformation service delivery based on emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Automation... and higher value services (like Consultancy and Roadmap Design) to affirm competitiveness and create momentum to increase profit margin.

Strengthening global presence to enhance the availability of our products, services, and solutions to reach Fortune 500 enterprises, expanding the market by launching new offices and promoting strategic investments, mergers, and acquisitions.

Attracting leading experts in many fields, especially Healthcare, Finance - Insurance, and Automobile manufacturing, in order to enhance innovation capacity and develop new and more advanced technology platforms and solutions. Moreover, promoting recruitment and training of technical engineers in charge of consulting and implementation services, in response to rising global demand.
Continue to invest heavily in developing new products, platforms, and solutions based on core technologies such as Cloud, AI, and Blockchain... and focus on expanding sales channels in various domains in Vietnam and abroad.
Domestic IT services
Supporting the private sector, especially prominent enterprises in the top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises (VNR500), to accelerate digital transformation. In particular, building data systems, promoting business solutions in many fields, and diversifying the customer base.

Approaching state-owned enterprises, the government and localities to cooperate in consulting and implementing digital transformation; supporting provinces and cities for comprehensive socio-economic development on all three pillars of the digital economy, digital government, and digital society, towards the digital nation model; helping localities flexibly adapt to the new normal through consulting on socio-economic development planning, digital transformation strategies, training to raise awareness of digital transformation on a large scale.

Developing Made-by-FPT products to help businesses and organizations accelerate digital transformation, increase productivity, save costs, and make the most of resources. FPT combines Made-by-FPT solutions, Infrastructure, and Telecommunications services with specialized core solutions offered by its partners to build reasonable solution suites for businesses and organizations.

Continue developing HR policies to attract high-tech employees and proactively train a high-quality workforce with FPT Education's activities.
2023 Total Revenue
16,739 billion VND
Profit before tax 2023
3,230 billion VND
Telecommunications services
Enhancing customer experiences by utilizing big data and other technologies to analyze customer behaviors and reduce the churn rate. Deeply managing and innovating the customer care process from sales to after-sales, maintenance, and value-added services.

Investing in technological infrastructure, main cables, and undersea cables to improve the quality of international Internet transmission and meet the increasing data demand of consumers.

Promoting the development of domestic telecommunications infrastructure, reaching customers in suburban and rural areas.

Expanding modern data center systems to increase capacity serves the increasing global demand for digital transformation.
TV streaming services
Enhancing customer satisfaction by developing new service packages which are tailored to the diverse needs of each member in any household. Deeply managing and innovating the customer care process from sales to after-sales, maintenance, and value-added services.

Expanding Pay TV service with new and localized content to attract new users, especially those using full FPT Internet and Pay TV packages.
Digital content services
Expanding event activities, primarily focusing on hybrid events.

Creating content centers and enhancing digital content ecosystems with a high pace of development, focusing on potential fields such as technology, health, cars, etc.
Education, Investment & Others
2023 Total Revenue
4,400 billion VND
Profit before tax 2023
1,659 billion VND
Recognizing the shift to high-quality private education and the significant needs for the IT industry, FPT continues to expand its wide-ranging educational ecosystem covering all levels with diverse majors and strengthen its presence throughout the provinces and cities nationwide.
To achieve this, digital technology will be utilized to ensure the quality of training. In addition, the Corporation will spend on improving the student experience, promoting FPT Education's brand, and launching new schools in provinces and cities. Its aim is to be a giga-scale education institution by 2025.